Rental Application

APPLICATION FEE: Have a credit card ready before you start the application.

IDENTIFICATION: Each applicant must provide a government photo identification. You will have the opportunity to attach an image of your identification to the online application.

PETS & SMOKING: If you have a pet or smoke, do not apply until you have verified with Rental Success® that the property you are applying for will allow smoking and/or pet(s).

RENTERS INSURANCE: All residents are required to maintain, at their expense, renters insurance. Renters insurance is typically inexpensive, benefits you and may be obtained from any insurance company.

HOLDING A PROPERTY: A property will be held only after a lease is fully executed and the security deposit is paid in full. A property may only be held for a maximum of two weeks without rent.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Security deposits must be paid in full immediately after a lease is executed. Security deposits may not be paid in payments.

OCCUPANCY: Maximum occupancy is two persons per bedroom.

WHO MUST APPLY: A separate rental application must be fully completed and a separate application fee must be paid by each and every person age 18 and over that will live in the rental home - even if they are not signing the lease.

TENANT AGENTS: If a REALTOR® or rental locator is representing you be aware they do not represent the property you are applying for.  Verify anything you have been promised by your agent with Rental Success® before applying.