Tenant Screening

Each applicant must have at least one year continuous, verifiable employment.

The total combined monthly income of all applicants that will be signing the lease must be at least two and one half times the monthly rent amount. You will have the opportunity to attach a paycheck stub to the online application.

Applicant(s) will be automatically denied for any of the following reasons: falsification of application by any applicant, incomplete application by any applicant, insufficient income, criminal conviction of a violent or sex crime committed by the applicant or their dependent(s), illegal drug use by the applicant or their dependent(s), documented unruly or destructive behavior by the applicant or their dependent(s), having an Experian FICO® score of less than 560, or having bad rental history. Bad rental history includes non-payment of rent, late rent payment, lease violations, eviction, poor housekeeping, frequent noise or disturbance complaints, and any continued action or inaction that resulted in an annoyance to a landlord, neighbor or neighborhood.

IF DENIED: Sometimes we are able to work with automatically denied applicants, other times we are not. Rental Success® abides by all equal opportunity and fair housing laws that govern the specific property you are applying for.